Slightly complicated question about part warranties.


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I bought my car in October 2011. It had had an MOT in april 2012 during which it failed due to the handbrake not working. It then subsequently was repaired and passed it's MOT. I presume this repair involved the fitting of new handbrake cables although I have no proof other than the fact it failed and then passed.

Having taken my car for a few bits to be done at VW I have been advised that the handbrake cables have seized and will need replacing.

If the cables were replaced for the last MOT should they have some kind of warranty (the MOT and repairs were done at an independent garage). If so would this warranty stay with the parts/car or the previous owner? Would I be right to contact the garage who did the repairs to enquire as to the above?

Basically where do I stand? I'm quite happy to pay for new cables but if the current ones are only 7/8 months old they surely shouldn't be in this state.

Any advice helpful.

Thanks in advance.​


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I had an independent garage 'fix' my handbrake cables several times as they used to stick on when freezing outside. I think they poked them with a greasy stick. They were never fixed properly until I had a VAG specialist actually replace the handbrake cables.

Depends what you were charged for I guess.