slammed beetle turbo - sump problems


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Tonight on the way home from work oil warning lights came on his dash. we stopped immediately and inspection found that the sump has cracked and dropped all oil. i believe he has had this problem as he gone onto winter wheels 16" from his ABT 19" wheels, thus making the car lower. My question is does anybody know where my friend can get a new sump from without paying ridiculous prices? also is there a gasket available instead of using sealer? anyone breaking a 1.8 turbo engine?



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Can't remember what they are off, but there's a VAG motor that uses a shallower sump, so may be worth getting on ed38, someone there will def know.


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can get a sump and gasket for about £60 from ebay

make a sump guard FTW. thats my plan for this weekend, the amount of times i've court the sump i know the same is going to happen to me