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Sky TV & Virgin. What you paying?

Raiden Oct 4, 2017

  1. Raiden

    Raiden Well-Known Member

    I cut my sky off about 3 years ago and got Now tv on a apple tv plus a amazon tv stick with Kodi.

    My wife hates it because of all the clicking different apps and selecting channels. She always misses her stuff on itv and the itv app there seems to be a ongoing issue with IOS. So every couple months she has a moan at me and says she wants sky and I moan back saying you can have it but i'm not paying. Well she says might do now and what channels do I want? I think go big or go home. So I want:

    Football inc the champions league

    Had a quick look and I think its about £65 which seems cheap to me. But now tv is only £8 and then a VPN for Kodi is £5 per month. Sport I can't seem to get on Kodi so I go down the pub for games now and again.
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