SKy Insurance - Just done a full quote and got this...


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Nov 25, 2009
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Bournemouth, Dorset
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Thought SKY was going to be cheaper but my "provisional" premium was £964. Bearing in mind I pay about £600 for my current car. Went to do a full quote and it bummed out.

Unless I think im going to get a better quote than £600 don't think I'll go through the pain of another application for it to only crash out again.

Sorry guys...
Bit of an update...

SKY gave me a call back which was good. However I was quoted just over £2000 for my insurance and that is with a 20% discount and being a specialist company. Oh and a tracker in my car. Hmmm.

My cheapest is £680 from Admiral which clearly they could not beat.

Just so you get an idea. I'm 23 with full no claims since I started driving at 17. No convictions. Audi A3 (61) Black Edition. Plus I live in a good area.

Im guessing that unless you are over a certain age then SKY really aren't that great.

Sorry guys.

PS - in case anybody was interested, SKY are a brokerage company and not the main insurer from what I can tell by the telephone convo.
Wouldn't even quote me on a BD postcode, i wouldn't mind i don't even live in Bradford!
ive just had my renewal from admiral at 339,same details entered for an online quote 247!!! strange that.
I did two quotes on 'confused' and got a £1200 (ish) and then a £750 (ish) quote from Admiral within the space of an hour... exactly the same car, details etc etc.

When it came to renewal at the weekend I managed to get £800 F/C with remap declared... Elephant are underwritten by Admiral so they matched their quote... always work out the cheapest for me!