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Thinking of getting HD in the near future. Are there any deals in the near future or does anybody have any discount codes. I know if you buy a £170 tele at comet/currys you only have to pay £150.


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The deal is £149 + £60 installation if you buy a telly over £169.00
This is split,£30 to Currys/Comet and £179 to SKY.


There are umpteen reports on digital forums saying that people have successfully convinced the shops to sell them the HD box without a TV !

Theoretically,everyone scores.
Currys/Comet still get their £30.00
SKY still get their £179 and their new subscriber.
SKY certainly don't get told whether you actually buy a telly or not,so they don't give a monkeys.

I suppose the only thing the shop loses is the profit on the TV.
But if you put it to them that it's their £30 from SKY or nothing....
No harm in trying,if you have the balls !


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Just back from currys and a successful return. I did buy a tele about 8 months ago and the manager said that would be OK to use for the sky deal. £30 to currys and £119 to sky. The guy did not even want to see my receipt for said tele.


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all the large retails will do it for you, Sky a paying one of the big plays 1.5 million pounds if why get to a certain number of NEW sign ups!

However I have had HD from the start and think its a waste of money AT THE MOMENT....

give it 6 months and it should be full of channels worth watching...


Here's a question for those who have Sky HD. With the normal channels through Sky HD, is the quality btter than those on conventional Sky??

I find the pictures thrugh the Sky box are pretty rubbish compared to those I get on the built in dvb tunr on the TV. I use a QED scart lead which improved things slightly but still not great.


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try this, ring up sky and tell them that your thinking of leaving to NTL HD(now called virgin media) and say they are offering HDTV alot cheaper bla bla,

then they will offer you a very good deal which will include sky half price for 6 months etc