Single din stereo options?


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The other day I was in Halfords and found myself looking at the stereo display cabinet. To my surprise, there were a bunch of Sony dingle din stereos on display that for as little as £60 provides BT and DAB connectivity (even dual phone), Siri Hands Free and a host of other features that easily pale anything I could throw at my Concert II, including installing a Dension or Connects 2 box! Wish I had paid attention a lot earlier...

Only problem is they all looked like they were totally OTT with bright and garrish display of gloss plastics and LEDs and felt it would easily look out of place in the matt black Audi interior :(

Question is, have you used any of these modern units and recommend one? Despite not having a Bose based system I thought the Concert II actually was pretty good soundwise especially when playing from CD, so looking for something that will not be intefrior soundwise.



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Some of them you can change the display colour to match the car, my old Blaupunkt DAB 54 had a 4096 colour palette to choose from.

Don't forget that some of these new cheap units are "mechless", they don't play CDs - the kids don't buy CDs any more.


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This was my concern too and also that the facia adapter wouldn't match the colour of the dash and look awful!