silicone hoses from forge???


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hey lads.
Another,probably stupid thread here.
Im thinking of replacing/upgrading the OEM factory hoses.
Now what i have in mind is to replace em by the forge motorsport stuff.
BUT! on the other hand. I've heard/read somewhere that silicone hoses are not the best choice as they are no good in long term that true? so what do you lads reccomend?
can somebody/anybody tell me about their good/bad experience with the forge hoses?
Also which of the following: 1:Turbo intake hose,2: Coldside relocation kit,3: coolant hoses, 4: 5 piece turbo hose kit,5: intercooler to throttle bode hose,6: breather hoses. shoud i go get first? (with my current budget i cant afford to buy em all at once)
I can afford 1,2 hoses + 007p diverter valve by now more to come in the near future.:eyebrows:
so can anybody give me some advice? or a go ahead, or no go for the silicone stuff


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Whoever told you silicone isnt good for long term are talking **** mate, it will outlast the ***** VAG use for their rubber hoses, look at the state of the vac lines for example or the fuel lines to the fuel rail.

Im running silicone everywhere in my engine mate and have been for the last 2 years/15000miles, ive got the turbo to charge pipe elbow that forge do, a SFS TIP, SFS upper boost hose's including their coldside relocation kit. I couldnt recommened them enough mate. I also got them at a discounted rate, just phoned the guy's up directly, spoke to lee i think, they knocked me 20% off so was happy days.

Like i said, if your planning on changing the hoses etc, make sure you do the vac lines under the inlet manifold and also do the n249 removal aswel, simplifies the vac set-up and helps cut down the number of potenial leaks :).


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What car do u have..??

In regards to hoses as Dani said silicone far superior to o.e

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all hoses listed on the Forge web site and guys get 10 % discount by using discount code vag10 the other guys have stated silicon will outlast and our perform the OEM hoes ...