Side Repeaters? Help a new guy out?

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Hey guys,

I just joined and am in need of some wisdom! Not sure if anyone will fancy taking this one on, but I'll give it a shot.........

I've got a problem with my new (to me anyway) S3 8P side repeaters not working at all. The indicators front and back are fine, but nothing on the side. I've tried new bulbs, that didn't sort it. There is no current registering on the multi-meter either. All other lights work fine.

Have you heard of this sort of thing before? I'd really appreciate any ideas.

Thanks in advance,



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I THINK... you may need to think about it differently because as soon as the car starts the canbus system checks every bulb in the car. As soon as it realises theres no load for the side indicator it will disconnect the circuit automatically.

Try having the multimeter on the connection when turning on the car and see if you can pickup the small voltage it sends round as a test. If you dont even pickup that, then maybe a harder problem.

This might be wrong lol.

Slim Al

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I forgot to post the outcome! it came down to the control unit the lights all run from. Might have been able to get it done cheaper, but it all came to about £500 for the part + labour + VAT. Needed it for the MOT though. What ya gonna do?!


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Ouch..... that was a pricey fix. Glad you got it fixed though.