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Side light wierdness

Ian2012 Aug 1, 2013

  1. Ian2012

    Ian2012 Active Member

    Hi all,

    friend of mine has an 03 plate 1.9tdi saloon, i noticed the evening that all his drivers side sidelights were out front and back, so we checked bulbs all ok checked fuse all ok, when you use the indicator stalk as a parking light it all works fine, wtf guys?

    As a temporary measure i have popped a couple of jumper wires on the back of the fuse box from the left hand side to the right all is good again, but i really don't think it's a permanent fix. There is no power to the fuse for that side either, do we think the switch is toast?

  2. gupsterg

    gupsterg Active Member

    You describes some odd behaviour, as all work ok when using indicator stalk to set parking/side light but not work via switch and you have no power on a fuse ...

    Perhaps wiring diagrams will aid you?

    PM external email :D ...

    Also I think this thread need to be in A6 C5 section as yours is an 03 1.9 TDi ...

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