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Side Door blade hanging off help

[ sam ] Nov 26, 2018

  1. [ sam ]

    [ sam ] New Member

    after a small accident with the jack and axle stand my door blade is snapped off the front
    Does anyone know how to remove it completely as mine is hanging on by the back 3rd
    I cannot remove it tried sliding it towards the back but no luck also remove two rubber plugs under the door which revealed two screws the first one the only one attached unfortunately became rounded as i tried to undo it am I doing it wrong ?

    I will go to the garage tomorrow if I cannot fix it myself for fear of someone stealing it quick respones would be much appreciated
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  3. Stuart B

    Stuart B Well-Known Member

    Those bolts on the underside seize and rust, I think they are torx rather than cross head. Then it slides back off. If it's broken why would someone steal it.
  4. [ sam ]

    [ sam ] New Member

    Definitely Philips screw on mine I will need to get it of without breaking it ill go to my friends garage.
    They probably wont charge me for something so small.it has pooped off but not broken just come out of fittings and I live in north London basically the Bronx of England my neighbor has Victorian tiles in there path someone smashed it all just to steal a few good ones in the middle.
  5. tcg

    tcg Well-Known Member

    Philips screws,part number N10459602...I bought 4 in 2016(still waiting to be fitted) for £1.95 + vat from Audi.It's best to remove the door panel to get to them,I know I'm going to have to drill out a couple of mine one day :blush:
  6. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro Platinum Supporter S tronic Audi Main Dealer

    Try our parts request I’m sure they will have what your looking for

  7. Stuart B

    Stuart B Well-Known Member

    I can't remember what I did to remove my rusted screws (maybe pliers), but the connectors were broken on the door blade so it was screwed on in a couple of places anyway. they are pretty expensive if I remember rightly. like 165 each
  8. hydro s3

    hydro s3 S3 amk Team Ming Blue Audi S3

    I think I read on here that the door blades are now discontinued from audi. You might have to look for someone braking a s3 and try find a decent set.
  9. hendo#1

    hendo#1 Active Member

    I paid well over £400 for 2 door blades from TPS a couple of years ago.

    They came primed so paint had to be factored in too.

    Its definately a phillips head screw that holds them on the door
  10. [ sam ]

    [ sam ] New Member

    Hi all thanks for the reply's Just a quick update I went to the garage today and they confirmed what I thought
    the Phillips screw is stripped but with some persistence I have managed to pull the blade off without breaking it luckily it is still in good condition apart from being slightly dented underneath which I am not bothered about.

    Progress so far the two gaps where the screws locked the blade have been widened using a drill bit to allow the blade to slide across all the other tabs without touching the two that have the Phillips at the other side in theory it should work fingers crossed but today's rain has put a halt on things
    I am going to try some strong double sided tape if I am not happy ill drill out the old screws and start again.

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