Show us your Mountain / Road Bike


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Now that winter has gone, its time to break out the bikes again. I'll start;

My Commencal Meta 5.5 UK - this is as clean as it gets (dont really see the point as it will be filthy again in a day or two :icon_thumright: ).







And my Spec Rockhopper which i use for taking the dog up the hills. Commencal reserved for the proper stuff.



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heres one of my old bikes, turns out it wasnt any good for off roading lol



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1x GT zaskar team. Built up in 1999. (hardtail)
1x Giant TRANCE 2007 model (soft tail)
1x Chris Boardman (hardtail pro) 2008
1x CUBE Comp .2007

I have always been into mountain biking. Turned 39 today and still can't bring myself to sell them. I have had many a tumble over the year's, (off the bike's now for over a year) due to back
injury, but man i miss it. AFAN valley is on my door step..


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Raleigh AT-10, few months old.

Mostly used for the daily grind and occasional trail riding (which is one reason I didn't go for an out and out road bike, the other being that a similarly priced road bikes have a much lower spec...)

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Here's mine - Nothing flash, used to ride a GT Freeystyle Tour back in the day :icon_thumright:


Done the London 2 Brighton on it last year, without any rides in preperation.... :tocktock: Hoping to do Lands End to John O Groats with a mate next year.
In my garage, and in order of shinyness...

2007 Focus Izalco Expert - lighweight racing bike
2009 Focus Cayo 105 - new bike to work bike - bring on the spring...
1992 Trek 2300 Pro - triathlon/time trial bike
2001 Giant OCR One - existing bike to work bike / winter hack
2003 Brompton M3 - riding in London/to pub
1999 Kona Muni Mula - barely ridden

I commute to work by bike - did 6400 miles last year on the Giant (which was 400 more than I did the S3!)