Shout out for the s3 in the snow

Had an hour and 45 drive tonight to take my son home and got to say was very impressed with the car. Have to go up and down some really steep hills and it didn’t miss a beat as I went past numerous calls like a focus that had just given up!


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The S3 preformed admirably this morning


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Looking lovely man there’s something about those wheels and that grey that I really like. I’m not going to lie I’m jealous of the snow we never get any down here (Plymouth) we get a shed load of black ice owing to the rain etc but it snows about once or twice every 5 years.

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Eren S3

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So good to hear how well these perform in the snow! Still haven't had a chance to test it yet, no snow for us in Bristol sadly.

And another one here admiring them wheels! They really do work well. I spent a year figuring out which wheels I wanted - Bola B1 in the end and I absolutely love them but as soon as I put them on I saw the wheels you have and I wanted them...