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Should the B&O amp be red hot and the fan not running all of the time?

Russboy May 27, 2018

  1. Russboy

    Russboy Active Member Supercharged Audi S4

    So I thought my SD card was corrupt but now I've noticed the same thing happening on CD, Jukebox & SD card.

    Playing a tune and the sound cuts out, however song still plays in the background (if you sing along the words match up perfectly), however on the controls on the MMI the pause button flashes as if you've pressed it. Couple of seconds later it starts playing again but at low volume.

    Sometimes the whole thing crashes, reboots (sometimes this takes ages) then goes back to a completely different song (jukebox) than you were listening to, but the same song every time it re-boots. Also when it crashes the satnav reverts back to an old address as I was using it this morning for the Nav and it did exactly that.

    Should the fan be running all the time? It doesn't seem to kick in at all and the amp would burn your hands if you held it long enough!


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  3. leonwilliams

    leonwilliams Active Member

    Definatley an electrical issue
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