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Should I bother with a quick detailer?

Jimbo10 Aug 23, 2018

  1. Jimbo10

    Jimbo10 Active Member Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group S-line owners group

    Long story short.
    I've got my routine pretty dialled in for the moment, but looking to try a few new products which are on sale at the moment.

    Just nabbed some Sonax BSD for around £6. Been wanting to try it out.
    There is a choice between two QD's.

    Poorboys QD+
    Chemical Guys Speed Wipe

    Both are around £7.50. Any experience/preference of these?
    Worst case scenario, they are junk and I mix it with the BSD
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  3. jassyo06

    jassyo06 Voodoo Man ! Gold Supporter Audi S3 Black Edition Porsche Voodoo Blue S3 Saloon

    You've got bsd which is a kind of QD/spray on Sealant so l wouldn't bother with a specific QD, as for mixing a QD with bsd l think BSD's potency will over power anything its mixed with to be honest so no benefits
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