She makes a weird noise?


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Hey Guys and girls,

So what with the weir weather lately where i live its been very wet and not nice at all. I have found what i believe to be new issue with the a3. When pulling away aggressively (wheel-spin) or diving on wet ground e.g. grass. I get what sounds like grinding, fast clicking sound front the front wheels but doesn't actually spin. plus barely any boost in first or second.

Any ideas and suggestions are must appreciated

Just to remind you my cars the 1.9 tdi


Stuart B

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+1 for ABS and Traction Control

I had a 2003 Kia Sedona years ago and the ABS sounded and felt like a massive spring snapped when driving 30 MPG in the wet, whereby my 1990 Volvo 740GLT16v I had for 4 years and didn't even know it had abs.


A3 Classy
thank god for that, for a second i think i had f#cked my gear box or something.

Any body know how i can disable it at all?