Shaking/Shuddering when shut down


Derv Perv
Jul 19, 2011
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Chelmsford, Essex
Hi people hope someone may be able to help. My A3 2.0 TDI BKD has started to shut down quite harshly. Is the anti shudder valve there to literally reduce the 'shudder'?

Also starting it sometimes feels quite harsh but nothing else to cause concern. Sometimes I get a funny clonk clonk clonk noise for 10 seconds after shutdown and was thinking maybe this Shudder valve has become blocked up and not working. Anyone taken these apart? Whilst i'm there I may aswell clean up the EGR Valve I guess.
Mines doing exactly the same, gonna clean the egr and anti shudder this weekend, just not sure what to clean it in, somebody told me leave ito soak in coke over night
there a few egr cleaning threads knocking around,
If i clean it i'll be using brake/clutch cleaner and WD40 probably. Maybe soak in diesel. Anything I got lying around the garage I guess lol
Check the IMF, this usually causes this & brake cleaner is good after a manual clean up 1st.