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Sep 26, 2014
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So, want your thoughts on servicing please.

Recently had mine in for service (2.0 tdi Avant) and looking at the next service call, they've put me on a Flexible Service plan (I do appx 15-18k a year, 85% motorways).

Should I be ok with this or should I be going down the fixed route?

Interested in your thoughts / views.


No more than 10k between oil changes.
No more than 38k between ATF changes.
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10k is the most that the oil and filter is realy good for before it starts to be too contaminated.
To be honest, I disagree with the above. The long life servicing plan sounds ideal for you. You're not exactly stressing the engine sitting on a motorway, so the 18k you do is easy on the car. The modern, fully synthetic oils that Audi use are more than capable of doing this mileage without issue. They do actually use a slightly different grade for the long life service than they do on the 10k fixed service plan. I've had a few Skoda Octavia vRS's with the same 2.0 TDi engine in and had long life servicing on those with absolutely no problems or any loss of performance or extra noise or anything. I now have a 2010 3.0 TDi A6 and its on the same plan. Like I say, sounds spot on for you, and will work out slightly cheaper in the long run too!
They don't use different oil, they have one massive tank in the dealership, and at each service station there is a retractable hose to allow the tech to dispense the oil. I've even seen customer bring in their own oil only for the tech to fill the car with the standard pump stuff.... Long life servicing is there for the business / 3 year lease motorist, so they only have to take the car to the dealership once or twice in the 3 years.

If you plan to keep the car for any length of time then get the oil done every year or 10K miles. I do my oil changes every 6 months just before & after winter regardless of miles.
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6 months regardless here to with Quantum LongLife III.

I would hope it's is the above oil that the stealers use as it does for both petrol and derv.
It's long life oil with the added fluorescent dye, to make to easy to detect oil leaks.
The 2.0 TDI oil pump was not the best Audi design, another good reason to keep the oil changes more frequent.
The best ester oil in the World won't cure an engineering fault.

I change my oil/filter every 12 months (same time as MOT).
This year will be less than 2k since last service.
I have to do my brake fluid and steering fluid this year too.
The 2.0 TDI oil pump was not the best Audi design, another good reason to keep the oil changes more frequent.
The article refers to the PD 2.0TDi engine that was used in the pre-Facelift C6 but replaced in the facelift model with the Common Rail engine. My understanding is that the oil pump issue was not carried over to the CR engine (presumably a new design of pump was used). The OP does not say which type of engine he has.
Assume you mean its black ? will be worth using the oil cleaner before you change it again ?