Servicing Costs?


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Make sure if you leave the car with them, you do a proper hand over including a body and wheel check. Mine was meant to be a while you wait Service. Planned to browse the showroom cars and drink coffee but work had other ideas. Dropped it of the night before. Collected yesterday to find a damaged front wheel that they claim was already done. I’d have ****** known!!! Just can’t prove it and I’m as ****** at myself as I am at them for not being more thorough. Discussions are ongoing...
Like you guys and girls, I know all the imperfections on my car and there are just a couple. Wheel killing wasn’t one of them. Hopefully easy repair but that’s not the point. Should be able to trust these dealers. Stuff happens but they should own up


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Ok had “inspection service” today. It had an oil service two month ago and cost £250 , today was &280 including pollen filter. So £530 . The inspection took less than an hour .
I know should go to Indy !
I was on flexible service, had them change to fixed as only done 12k in two years.
Also had a look at the sticker prices on the showroom models . Seems there has been some price hikes ...
somehow feel like I should have
M U G tattoo on my forehead !