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Service whatever-point checklist

meph137 Jul 3, 2019

  1. meph137

    meph137 Active Member Audi S4 Black Edition

    Don’t suppose anyone has a PDF of all the things Audi check as part of their however-many point checklist when doing a major service? I think they may check the same things during an MOT and oil change service too, I think they call it a health check.


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  3. spartacus68

    spartacus68 Active Member

    Ah, the notorious VAG health check. I'll put £10 on an Audi technician pulling an advisory and the service receptionist strongly advising you that it's important it's done.

    It's all a bit of a blur when it comes to interim and major services, just what's included? Let's face it, an interim service is an oil and filter change. https://www.lookers.co.uk/audi/servicing-and-parts/servicing-prices

    Included in major service:
    • Oil and filter change, Castrol Edge, etc
    • Fluid level checks, (brake fluid, coolant,etc)
    • Exterior and underbody check
    • Interior and electrics check
    • Written report
    • Service stamp
    • Air filter
    • Fuel filter (diesel)
    • Spark plug replacement (petrol)
    Key thing is mileage and history. What's been done before? I'd be getting the pollen filter done (easy to do yourself), air con regassed (every 2-3 years), brake fluid every 2 years, waterpump and cam belt every 60-75k or 5 years, transmission fluid every 38k miles, white grease on door hinges, check brakes, check tyre depth.

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