Service Questions: Transmission Oil Change vs DSG Oil Change


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My car needs a service and as the dealer gave me real cause for concern last time (Haldex gauze clean...), I rejected their offer of "Transmission Oil Change" and I am taking it to a local Audi specialist for this MOT and service.

Firstly, last service was exactly 30k, this time car only done 34,700. I've hardly driven the car due to lockdown, I almost never drive the car hard, no track days. No faults in OBDEleven, the only issue my car has is the gear changes at very slow speeds are a tad jerky sometimes.
1) What service do I need? Major or minor?

At the dealer they recommended "Transmission Oil Change due between 20,000-36,000 miles" which I rejected because they were so sh1t, so I will get this done this time.
2) However, is there a difference between DSG Oil Change and Transmission Oil change?

3) Are there any other jobs that are worth doing pre-emptively at this mileage?

4) I had a minor shunt in the snow in Feb 2020, repaired via insurance by an Audi specialist (not insurance company's choice of garage), I am extremely pleased with the work and the car has been perfect since (the jerky changes preceded the bump). Is it worth mentioning to the garage I am taking it to and will it affect servicing at all?

Thanks for any advice all.