Service plus extras at 76k miles. Ouch.


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Well, had 80k service, cost was 360 quid, 80 of which was a new MAF I requested, so other bits were 280, which isn't all that bad.

Extras are the problem:
2 tyres with nails in: got them done right away - both repairable thankfully, so that was 20 quid.

Wishbone bushes need replacing.

Nearside front shock worn.

Axle beam bushes worn.

Brake fluid change due.

So, popped into local Audi/VW specialist to ask how much to get new wishbones (including bushes), and get front shocks replaced, and do brake fluid. He gave a quote of 320 plus vat, making it about 376.
Does that sound like a good deal?

(and this is before I try to get hold of a new rear wiper motor and fix my high-level brake light problem...)


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That sounds reasonable i recnetly had mine serviced cost me £250 and i was cryin and that was only a basic service.

My rear wiper motor needs replacing got quoted about £200 so i didnt bother getting that done.

Im sure if you go to the main dealer it would be alot more!!!

Rear high level brake light on ebay from £5
Rear wiper motors, I got one for £20 delivered (brand new) again on ebay, so keep your eyes peeled.
It was listed as for a Skoda Felicia, blade sits at wrong side, just change the gears from your old one.


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I was thinking of going the Skoda route to see if part was cheaper through them. When you say change gearing, what did you have to do? Open up the motor and swap the gear wheels between the motors?
Or do the motors have multiple positions for the gears so you just move around what's in the new motor?


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Well, got front shocks and inner wishbone bushes replaced, plus brake fluid change yesterday. (I got standard sports shocks put in, couldn't be bothered doing anything else like Koni's, etc).
Total cost of 370 quid. Another ouch, but I hope it's still a good deal cheaper than most places would have cost.
Car feels like it has more front grip, sits tighter on road, steering is lighter and nose doesn't dive so much when braking or turning corners.

Also, groaning and graunching sounds have gone from the front, so much better than it was.


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Had that done at 65k miles (along with pump, tensioner, etc).