Service inspection reset


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Hi all,

not much response in the VCDS section and as B8 specific I thought I would post here.

The service inspection had come on, but according to the service book its 1 year too early. I guess not reset properly at some stage.

Anyway, I've tried loads of things to reset it and no joy. The 02 channel code is 0, which should reset it. But it doesn't. Anyone else had this problem?


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Am I on the wrong track, or is it not done through mmi settings?


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oil service reset is via mmi think for service maintance you need to do it manually with VCDS


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0 = warning on display, 1 = no warning VCDS instructions is wrong on this!


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Service = OIL CHANGE, can be reset on MMI
Inspection = FULL SERVICE, needs VCDS to change
42 Min Dist to Service (km x 100) OIL 145
43 Max Dist to Service (km x 100) OIL 300
44 Max Time to Service (Days) OIL 730
49 Minimum Time to Service (Days) OIL 2 years = 730
50 Basic distance for oil change (km x 100) OIL 9010 mls = 145
51 Basic time for oil change (days) OIL 1 year = 365
52 Basic distance for Inspection (km x 100) SERVICE 19014 mls = 306
53 Distance Since Inspection (km x 100) SERVICE
54 Basic time for Inspection (days) SERVICE 2 years = 730
55 Time Since Inspection (Days) SERVICE


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ok, this is odd.

Went to change it to a 1 and it was a 1. But I set it to 0 the other day.

So I tried to go to 0 then back to 1. Now its stuck on a 0. It wont go back to 1.

I think its time to email Ross Tech as something is very strange!?


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Check the other values as maybe distance since inspection or time since inspection needs manually setting.