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Service campaign 90k2 warning

davidbir Oct 11, 2018

  1. davidbir

    davidbir Registered User

    Hi all,

    Slight warning to those of you that have the 90k2 recall done.

    Mine was done in January and seemed to make the service indicator work on distance rather than time.

    I’m pleased I picked this up as the service light wouldn’t have come on at the 2 year mark.

    The dealer couldn’t provide much information, just said it looked like the service interval was based on distance. But according to all the literature, the 19k / 2yr for longlife is still what is to be followed.

    Does anyone have any more information in regards to this recall?

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  3. Daggerit

    Daggerit Registered User

    Don't know to be honest. It's only the 19k/2 year interval if it's specifically set to the longlife service cycle otherwise it's 10k/1 year I think? And even the final distance/time before the longlife service indicator comes up telling you to take the car in will change depending on the way the car is driven in terms of making short drips or being driven hard. Not head anything about a service campaign for it though I'm afraid.
  4. sunshinewelly

    sunshinewelly Registered User

    what is the 90K2 recall.

    My car is currently just over one year old and is on 16,000 miles

    It had an oil change prior to me getting the car 2 months ago. Do i need a service therefore at 19,000 miles and if so what does this service ential
  5. Daggerit

    Daggerit Registered User

    I don't know the details of the service campaign but I wouldn't worry about getting it serviced again.

    Essentially, 19k is the MAX mileage that it will indicate you need a service at. Depending on the way that the car is driven (hard/stop and go traffic/short journeys/etc.), that may then come down. As an example, mine said 19k from new and stayed like that when I was doing longer commutes but once this dropped down to very short commutes the interval started falling and at 12.5k is said that I would need a service by 13k.

    For your car, 16k miles sounds reasonable for the first service so you should be good to go for a fair while as a result.

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