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Sep 8, 2017
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Hi everyone,
Is there any way I can get hold of a PDF service book to look at service schedule?
I looked online for ages to no avail and when I contacted Audi head office they told me to buy a copy from main dealer for £30.
I just want to know the maintenance schedule for my A6 C6 3.0L Quattro so I can maintain it myself rather than being robbed off by main dealer.
Too much to ask?
I would be extremely thankful to anyone who could provide a valid link or scanned copy of the maintenance schedule.
Thanks Umar, but that's the same manual I have and there's no service schedule (I.e. replace air filter at 40000 miles, cambelt at 100000 or 5 years, etc.)
In my old VW passat manual it's all there, don't understand why Audi wants to force everyone to be robbed off by main dealer.
Oh right, your after the service book information which tells you when you should service parts, i have got my service book and its all on there, its the first few pages of the book, i can send you pictures of it or if you would like, I could scan it to pdf on monday at work for you if you want.
no problem mate, i will sort that out tomorrow for you
sorry mate, i forgot all about it, what i will do is send you the pictures of it tomorrow morning and then i am back in my office on Friday, and i will scan and pdf it across to yourself on friday if that is alright.
Sorry about that mate, been hectic at work at the minute and just dropped out of my mind

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