Seriously P***ed off!!

I was in contact with a member of this website who contacted me and wanted and requested a custom black grill for his car as im a painter by trade. So i got a genuine Audi S-line grill, carefully took apart, took time to prepare and paint to this guys specification (gloss black grill surround and badge) under what i thought was a gentlemens agreement only for him to start asking stupid questions and requesting more and more pics. So i sent pics, answered questions, questions that he should have asked before his request and me wasting my time to meet his needs, now he's backed out!
He wanted to pick up this weekend so i made it my priority to have it ready and i even offered to meet him halfway (an hour drive for me) then he started moaning about driving to meet ME! He knew via a phone call that i made to him to clarify his request how far away i was from him! The price at which was a bargain and still would have been cheaper for him than buying from Audi direct, plus the fact you cannot by one with a gloss black badge!

What is wrong with people?? Honestly it has wound me up beyond belief! Ist not about money its about helping people or a dreamer in this case! What a total c*ck!

Its not even like its a lesson learnt as i believe most people on here are genuine and not time wasting mugs like this guy!

Rant over, had to get off my chest! lol
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so you should get it off your chest mate! i dont know how people can do things like that, especially when all your doing is helping them out and doing them a favour, it makes you sick!

Good 2 B A Gooner

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Joker mate - Stick it on eBay and list it on the classifieds on here, then post a link for your eBay post on here (B7)

I'd def buy it mate; but i recently bouight a new TV & Bose Soround Sound... - Think my wifge would kick my ****.... :asskicking:

Good luck with it though (Just out of interest... How much did you want for it, and how much could you fit it for!)


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Next time take a non refundable deposit!


post up pics of on on this thread witha price i might be interested,Dan

I was asking £85 from the guy and would have fitted it for £25 to help him. It looks really good too!

Can i just say this is in the classifieds and not being sold here on this thread as i got a warning before for asking how much something was worth etc etc


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I was asking £85 from the guy and would have fitted it for £25 to help him. It looks really good too! ]

I like those floor tiles.

Dont think you will have a problem selling that on here mate.


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god i wish i had the money to buy that - just spent aot on getting mine chipped + need new discs and brakes + tyres its an expensive yr lol.. you'l have no probs shifting that if its still around after payday id be interested :-D


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That looks mint mate nice work if I wasnt so skint I too would have it off you !
Like some one else said stick it on flee bay you will prob get more than this tw*t was goinmg to give you any way !


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It is considering I paid £110 from the dealers for a black S-Line grill last month