Seriously considering an RS4


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I have been considering buying an RS4 for some time now and I am about to take the plunge. I have not fully decided whether to go for a standard spec car or an upgraded version. I have come across several versions of each, but the favourite is this:

Sep 2000 Avus Silver RS4 (9,000 miles)
Black Leather Interior
Carbon Facia Trim
Symphony Audio with Bose
Centre Armrest

MTM Stage III Upgrade (458Bhp)
Quattro GmbH Suspension Upgrade
Movit 380 Front Brakes
Quattro GmbH Rear Brake Upgrade
18" Sportec Alloy Wheels (+ New Spare)
UUC Short Shift Gear Change
Forge Diverters
Boost Gauge
Alcantara Steering Wheel
Sportec Side Grills

The current reg for this car is R55 BYE, I do not know the previous one yet. Does anybody (apart from Iain) know this car?


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If I am going to average about 20k miles per year, is it adviseable to go for an upgrade, or should I stick with a standard car, especially where extended Audi warranty is concerned?


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this is the spec of the car from the other forum,

The spec

Avus Silver RS4 2001 Y reg
65k miles
Clifford alarm with intellistart
Folding electric wing mirrors, not available form Audi, linked to the intellistart
RAC Tracker
Bel 996 built in radar detector
Multimedia install including Alpine flip out screen, DVD sat nav with TMC, 12 disc CD changer, Alpine DVD movie player, rear head rest screens, playstation 1, rear wireless headphones - cost over £7000 installed
Movit rear brakes & Movit 6 pot front brakes 380mm discs - apparently only one with 6 pots in the UK, cost around £7000 installed
Quattro GMBH suspension, recently had new struts 6k miles ago
Tanoga short shift
MTM Bi Motot 19" wheels with Yokohama AMG AVS tyres
Full Milltek exhaust
Recent AmD upgrade includes - less than 2k miles on the car
-Turbo Dynamics hybrid turbos
-AWE racing ceramic manifolds
-Gas flowed cylinder heads
-Tanoga lightened flywheel with uprated Sachs clutch (not paddle type)
-New cam belt service inc plugs and all 6 coil packs

All in all I have spent around £40k on upgrades

Although slightly above average mileage most of it has been motorway driving. Been on the track 4 times but much had new brakes, suspension and engine overhaul done recently and hasnt been tracked as she now is.

Sad to see her go as I believe it is the best all round car on the planet, you can take the family on holiday, go to the tip or go on the track and beat most other cars on the road

Current output is 539.4bhp and 680Nm of torque

Immaculate condition, waxed and polished using Meguiars care car products regularly

Sad to see her go for £39,950

Please PM me here or email



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I had a ride in that RS4 just after the owner got back from the turbo upgrade. He was still running it in but it was completely bonkers. I'd buy it if I had the money.


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Which car, because the one quoted by Carlosthejackal, is different from the car I am looking at, as in my original post.



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Sorry, it was the one quoted by Carlosthejackal.


if i were you id do it in know some kid pushin like 375 an he almost took a z06 so if u get that u will be flyin