Seriously considering a Jag!


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At the weekend, I went to see a nice P plate Jaguar XK8. It was seriously tempting. It was up at a dealer for £5995.

Blimey, it had a 1000 mile old engine, a total mileage of 116k, and it had everything possible to fit to a car! It was dark metallic red with cream leather. It was beautiful.

I have a rule that I never buy the first car I see, but this one has me seriously tempted.
It is a big chunky 4.0 litre V8

Am I mad to even consider it?

Road tax is lower than my A4, insurance is about £600 a year fully comp. Fuel consumption is about 20-26mpg. Against my Audi A4's 26-34 mpg.

Not a massive amount in it!



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My other half loves these, but the fuel consumption would put her off, it's one of those can afford to buy it, but can you afford to run it cars isn't it? There's no denying that an XK8 is a thing of beauty parked outside any drive though...


One of our directors at work is selling his black XKR with 120k on the clock if you're interested! :) I don't have any more info than that - only saw him briefly today - but PM me and I'll get an email address for you if you're interested!


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These are a fantastic looking car, lot of metal for the money and matured really well.
Wish I was brave enough to buy one.
Go for it, I dare you.


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go for it, although you might find the mpg a tad optimistic under 20 would be more like it. Find out where the engine came from, the early 4.0 suffered from bore wear irc which resulted in poor starting and oil usage, it was all to do with the liners in the block, Jags solution was to fit a new engine and it only affected cars built before 2000. The great thing about a Jag is you can stick on a new set of alloys and a private plate and people will think it brand new. Also look at paramount performances website and search you tube for exhaust clips !!

Go for it.


Defo worth the wait :)
Go on dude, as i got told in a motivational meeting today - "JUST DO IT"


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as i got told in a motivational meeting today - "JUST DO IT"

Is this the one where you fell asleep at your desk? :)

RE:Jag XK8, Andy, I guess if you can squeeze another 60k+ Miles out of it with minimal maintenance over 3-4 years, £6k is a bargain!


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My mum and dad have Jags and i love them, my dad had VW's for a few years and then when they both took early retirement they decided to treat themselves, it was either 1 Bentley or 2 Jags XK and the 2.7V6 S Type. The XK is stunning the noise they make is simply hair rasing.

I would deff go for it but the fuel will be hovering around the 20mpg mark.


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funny that was lookin at jags last nite on pistonheads. the 450 grand prix, one of only eleven made was awesome, 25k, loved the look of it, if my lotto nums came up it would be one of the hogs i would get...........
aye buy the jag, life is short, we have to enjoy it as much as we can......


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Just found the ad on auto trader for it.

Have a look, love the colour!

Also seen this one, getting very tempted now!

Dribble dribble dribble.

I would just keep it in the garage and occasionally take it out on long jaunts, or weekend spins.

I took the red one for a drive last weekend, they are meant to come with 290bhp. It just didn't feel fast. It was rapid, don't get me wrong, but on the acceleration front my 1.8T could easily win to 70! Bit disappointing. I'm sure a good service would sort it out.

I also ran an insurance quote for it. It came out at £700 a year fully comp, against £420 for my A4 (That is with one write off, and one high value claim this year!)

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I know this thread is a week old

But i used to work for Paramount Performance a well respected Jaguar specialist amongst the Jag community so just adding my two pence worth :)

I'd avoid an early XK8 it will be rotten underneath, more than likely have a hole in the floor.

If you want a XK get a late one 52 /03 plate or get a Silverstone Special Edition but a normal early one i'd leave well alone as it'll be a money pit.