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Selling to places like "We buy any Car"

Leeecs Feb 29, 2012

  1. Leeecs

    Leeecs Registered User


    I have a 57 plate A3 S-Line TDi 170. I do an 80 mile round trip motorway commute and its got 98k miles on the clock. Its starting to show its age, it runs fine but sometimes the power is jerky under acceleration and with hard acceleration it can vibrate quite badly (probably a wiring loom fault in the engine)

    So I basically wanna get rid of it and buy and an S3 - don't really wanna sell it privately as I think I'd be selling someone a headache and my conscious would get the better of me. So happy to part ex or sell it one of the "we buy any car" type places.

    What kinda checks do they do on the car? They quoted me £8400 which I'd take. Do they take it for a test drive or just turn up, have a look at it and take it away?

    What kinda money do you think I'd get from a part ex when getting an S3 (09-10 plate)? Other than I think its gonna die on the M5 in the near future its cosmetically spotless with full dealer service history.

    Its also got a Bluefin remap but I guess I can remap it back.

    Any advice or experience with we buy any car type places much appreciated.

    PS - Anyone changed from a 2.0TDi to the S3 for motorway commuting, what kinda jump up in fuel bills do you see?
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  3. Leeecs

    Leeecs Registered User

    Oh its the Quattro version too....
  4. Brodster

    Brodster Registered User

    I changed from a remapped 2.0 TDI SE to an S3 and I cannot complain. I was doing 400 miles every weekend in the 2.0TDI but now Im about half that in the S3. All depends on how you drive it......lots of threads on here discussing MPG on the S3's. Longer distances are better for the S3. Obviously the TDI is going to be alot better but the S3 is a far better drive and much more fun.

    With regards to WBAC.com. I used them to quote on my Renault Koleos afew years back.....which wasnt too bad either. 1 week later the quote went up £350. I sold it privately in the end as the guy paid cash but it seems this happens quite alot so dont accept the 1st offer and wait for the 2nd. After you agree to it you have to take it to an inspection area determined by them so they match the detail of the car to what you've said on the website, which usually isnt far away.

    Try We Buy Your Car.com aswell as they do the same thing and could give you a better price for the car.
  5. Spin140

    Spin140 Registered User

    They do usually up the offer but all subject to final inspection, mainly looking for dinks or scratches then marking the price down, on average you end up with about 20% less than originally quoted.

    My average mpg in a mapped 20tdi was 38mpg in the S3 it's around 25mpg for my short commute.

    S3 sounds and goes far better but is obviously more expensive to run, worth it though :)
  6. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    I had a 170TDI A3 8P and went to an S3. my tank used to last about 550-600 miles. With rural/ town driving.

    S3 does roughly half that. 300-350miles.

    Long journeys it improves, 33mpg motorway. 23mpg rural/town.

    Get your wallet out. the S3 is a drinker.


    I've noticed the DSG is actually a bit better on fuel. (I've had manual and DSG S3's)
  7. munchkincoupe

    munchkincoupe Registered User

    We buy any car! - They offered me £5.2k for my previous car (honda civic 2.2ctdi sport 55 plate) - I sold it private sale the following week for £7.9k

    Don't trust them myself!
  8. audigex

    audigex Registered User

    They sell cars cheaply, buy them even more so. I wouldn't touch them unless you desperately need a quick sale - if upgrading, you'll still get a better price by trading it in.
  9. gary3306

    gary3306 Registered User Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    They'll take your eyes out and make another offer on the sockets. Forget them.
  10. mrpeng

    mrpeng 2.0T Quattro

    took a car to them last week no test drive very fast and stress free as the car was a war horse i was the same dint want to pass the probs on.

    only thing to note as said there on it more with body work as the quote they give you online is for perfect body work they knocked us down £200

    so just to clarify went there he asked why where selling it told him dont need 2 cars no more in the current climate etc he went out side gave him key walked round the car opened door sat in seat took miles started engine dint touch anything inside or look in the back opened bonnet just to get the vin number job done went in explained about the scratches offers us £200 less of we went happy i no we would have got more private but £500 less of them and the car would have needed 1k spending on it happy days
  11. andrewguk

    andrewguk Registered User

    I sold my KIA Rio for £3,300 at webuyanycar.com - great service, didn't test drive it and bought it as seen.

    The trade-in at the garage for my KIA - £3k - No thanks!
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  13. amr79

    amr79 Registered User

    I don't trust them, but £8400 for that sort of mileage is not a bad quote. Puts u in a better position to haggle with the dealer selling the S3.
  14. plezz

    plezz Registered User

    your probably best to ring round a few audi dealerships and see what price they'll give if you upgrade with them to an S3. i'd imagine you'd get more money out of them as it would go towards your next car and Audi would make their money back from you in the long run. a friend of mine got a job with WBAC but left before she even started - they told her that she must pick up on every imperfection no matter how tiny and knock as much money off the quote 'ESPECIALLY if its an old person' they told her... she walked after that.
  15. crunchie

    crunchie Registered User

    At the end of the day, if your happy with what they offer you thats all that matters.
    If your not happy with their offer after they look round it just walk away....simples!
  16. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    It would be interesting to see how much they actually offer you after inspection :)

  17. slepy

    slepy Extremely smart and handsome person. VCDS Map User

    I've sold my Touareg in November to WBAC. Got 11,500 for it which was a good price comparing to what I paid
    for it year before. It's been advertised by a dealer for over £13k since then and I wish him luck selling it in summer.
    They will not cut any price if you mark all the bad things on bodywork when getting a quote on the website. Also, if they lower price for something else you can always pull back.

    Only 3 weeks ago used them again selling S3. Got quoted 2k more than I paid for it ( but still 2k less than average price for that car) so was no point to wait. When I got there, he took it for a drive (about 50 meters) and everything was fine.
    When it came to paperwork I have actually found out that the price they will pay me is 200 quid more than I was quoted.

    Overall, if you want to get a good quote and get it paid, mark all the bodywork imperfections on the website. Don't worry about mechanical issues if the car runs fine. They will not check it!
    Also if you have any extra bits that you can't add on the website (like leather interior, sat nav etc.) make sure he adds them before you agree to the price.

    Stress free selling with them but obviously at a price to pay.
    You will be quoted less than the car is worth so it's up to you really. I bought both cars from auction and got very close, or higher price than I paid for it so it was a no issue for me.

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