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Selling my S1

RMJ891 Jan 13, 2017

  1. RMJ891

    RMJ891 Active Member

    Hi all

    I am looking to sell my Audi S1 Sportback, and thought this could be a good place to mention it before putting it on the likes of AutoTrader.

    It is a '15 plate, registered on 10 April 2015, in glacier white with contrast black roofline. In addition to the standard kit, its optional equipment comprises:
    • Quattro Exterior Styling Pack (including red light inserts, red brake callipers, rear spoiler, matte black 18" alloys and Quattro decals on the read doors)
    • Quattro Interior Styling Pack (including grey extended leather super sports seats, tomato red seat backs, flat bottomed multi-function and contrast stitching steering wheel)
    • Full technology pack and Audi connect
    • Mobile phone preparation (high)
    • Heated front seats
    • Centre adjustable arm rest
    • Aluminium gear knob
    • Aluminium air vents with red detailing
    • Climate control
    • Audi advanced sound system
    • Privacy glass
    • Wrapped black rear boot to match roofline (performed at an Audi-recommended centre within 1hr of collection - have the paperwork)
    The car has done 9,800 miles to date, is kept in a garage all year round and is in immaculate condition save for an approx. half centimetre nick on the front right alloy. 18 months remaining on the warranty, heaps of tread on the tyres, and looked after with care (never ragged, tracked or otherwise messed around with). Have all relevant paperwork and 2x keys.

    Please let me know if of interest, or if you have any questions. I'd be looking at offering it for £22,995 (or any sensible offers close enough to it).

    Thanks very much!
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  3. SPIKE_S3

    SPIKE_S3 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Team Ara Blue Gold Supporter

    Lovely spec S1 - GLWS. I would recommend putting up some pictures to get people seriously interested.
  4. TheRealJamesCaine

    TheRealJamesCaine New Member

    did you sell this in end?
  5. PastS1Owner

    PastS1Owner Active Member

    Very high price for a 3 year old S1 regardless of spec and miles.
    If you got £19,000 for it you'd be doing well.
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  6. SPIKE_S3

    SPIKE_S3 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Team Ara Blue Gold Supporter

    Don't forget the first post was in Jan 2017!
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