Seatbelt locking when driving semi-sportily


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Hi all,
Just want to see if anyone else's A3/S3 does this.

When ever I floor it (and sometimes even when its only on part throttle) my seatbelt locks in place. You know, like when you've slammed on the brakes and it jams and you have to pull it out a bit before it'll go back in.

Does yours do this or have I got a dodgy one? It's at the point where it's starting to get quite annoying now:(
Cheers in advance


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I noticed this in mine (collected yesterday), so I'm hoping it's normal behaviour ;)


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Haha, I know Steeve, just never had a car that does it through acceleration I suppose.
Does seem to be a bit sensitive though...maybe I give it more stick than I give it credit for lol :meeting:

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Clever stuff, they should add a G sensor to the MMI or DIS lol


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GT-R has one ;)