Seat wiring type help!!


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Pretty sure someone will know what am after

Basically I rewired my seat looms when I fitted the a5 seats as the plugs were different but after time because the loom was a little short or just general movement of the front seat (3door) it's frayed the wire turning the airbag light on.

Am going to re wire it up and tidy it up.. But I wanted to extend the loom so it has more travel space avoiding it happening again, but I don't know what wire I can use to lengthen the looms ?

Can someone please point me in the right direction to what wire is ok for this job ?

Thanks audisport !


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most looms in the car are 18 gauge but the thickness may be different for the airbag loom, cannot say until i have a good look at it.
i generally use 5 gauge wiring when extending the wiring in the car as its thick enough to handle heat on the wire if the load is high.


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.5 stranded wire would be used for airbag wiring, 5amp rating is fine, you can buy this from audi, but its expensive, so look around, also when joining, minimise solder as it can add resistance & cause errors.


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Had a quick look but where would you recommend to get some wire ? eBay seems to have loads of random stuff.