Seat swapping

Ste moly

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Hi people,
New to this so don't know if I'm in the right place but here goes....
I've got an Audi A3 8L and I'm looking to change the seats, I know the later bodies have different fittings but is it much of a job to get the later bodied seats to fit and will A4 and A5 ones fit without to much hassle.
Any help or links etc. much appreciated


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Pretty sure 8L A3s have the front seat front fixings in the middle with 2 runners at the the rear on the sides, b5 A4s are the same but the runners are spaced wider, not sure if the b6 are the same
Pretty sure b7 onwards chassis cars have the rails that bolt to the floor at the sides. So probably not a "straight" swap or indeed simple modification needed, I think it would be cutting/welding bits here and there to do it unfortunately.