Seat gaps - any easy way to remove fallen items?


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Since ownership I've dropped a few £ coins and few other small items down the side of my drivers seat. Other than removing the seat, it seems almost impossible to remove any fallen debris. Anyone got any tips?



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Buy a spline set, lift seat, use a cardboard box to hold front up, no need to remove from the car.


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Thanks everyone. Used some old BBQ skewers (semi-flexible) to get the coins out, managed to get £6 out!! lol Only thing remaining is an small sweet wrapper but this was proving to be very very difficult so gave up on that.


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Sorry, I don't know what the problem is with my link in the previous post, but go to Amazon and search for car seat gap filter, stop things falling down. I have had 2 in my car for a while now and never had to try to retrieve anything.