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Searching for missing parts...

rhombass Jun 13, 2018

  1. rhombass

    rhombass Member

    Hi everyone )

    I'm trying to add some of missing parts for my new A3 saloon. But I can't find proper part numbers to order em from local dealer.

    First thing I'm really missing is a spare wheel in a trunk. I got used to have one on my 8p, but sedan seems not to have one equipped. There is only some sort of repair kit, but that I know from my experience, that doesn't works for serious tire damage. One of my friends have destroyed a tire running over a broken coil spring. If something like that will happen no repair kit will help.
    I found this part number for a spare wheel itself - 1K0601027AP. Seems like a R18 spare wheel for 8v and 8v sedan. But I cant find any part numbers for parts to hold it secured in a trunk. Does anyone has those parts numbers? :)


    The next part Im really missing after my A3 8P is a storage box under a driver's seat. In my new saloon FL I have only one storage box under a right passenger's seat and it will with first-aid kit. I really need a second one because sedan suffers from lack of storage space :/ Maybe some UK owners of a3 sedan can provide me with this number, since they have a first-aid kit under a passenger's side on the left?

    These are the seats I have, if there is some sort of difference according to a seat type.


    Also I'm planning to replace my grey roof lining to a black one. But most of the black roof linings I was capable to find are from pre-facelift. That means the interior reading lights are different from those LED ones I have in my facelift sedan and I will have to buy the black ones for facelift separately. So I need front and rear black interior reading LED lights numbers for sedan. Hope someone can provide methose numbers :)

    Thanks in advance :)
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  3. PanamaS3

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  4. Sandra

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