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Mar 2, 2005
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Derbyshire, England
I am finding it hard to source a second hand S-line with full lthr within my budget, I have found a nice SE with full lthr, ali trim & 17" but prefer the looks of the S-line, main differences seem to be just the wheels/badges and seats visually but am worried about the softer suspension on the SE not being up to the job. The other option would be to go for one of the S-lines I have found and look into a retrim, what do you guys think ?

Anyone know approx cost of a retrim ?
Can't help you with the cost of a retrim but the S-Line differs in more ways than you mentioned. The front bumber and grill, the doors (bottom trim) and rear bootlid also differ from the SE.
What job is it that you don't think the SE's suspension will be up to?

I have driven several S-Lines, and IMHO, the suspension stinks. It might be taut in the bends, but the ride is god-awful. Not just firm, but crashy and hard. If the ride has to be that bad for the car to handle, then it's just bad design.
why do you need leather so much
The audi leather isnt that great imho
beerglass said:
why do you need leather so much
The audi leather isnt that great imho
Agreed, I'm not prepared to spend the extra money , sod the lthr prefer the overall looks of the S-line so think I may have found just the one on an 05 plate. Will keep you posted.
I was after a car with leather but found a car to the spec I wanted but without the leather. I'm so glad, I don't miss it one bit.
I agree with the 'grumpy old man'. The S-line suspension is awful. I've also driven the SE, and there's no loss of handling compared to the S-line (IMHO). The SE seats are also much better than the S-line seats for my over-long legs, but then a colleague of mine loves the S-line seats...

Next time I'd buy an SE.

(Back in B5 days I'd have said completely the opposite.)

Edit - Drive before you buy!

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