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SDCard Maps

GXCars Feb 9, 2018

  1. GXCars

    GXCars New Member

    Now I've got my nav working I'm just looking to see if there is a way to get a later map without paying silly money to Audi

    I've had a look at the structure of the SD card and I cant see anything that resembles a metainfo file or anything that has the vin anywhere on it. I also cant see any serial number to the card itself, in fact it doesnt even have a name

    There appears to be no FSC data like on a BMW, I cant find any hex files either just the map data

    The card has a file called dbinfo.txt which has the following inside

    PartNumber1="8V0919866A "
    PartNumber2="5G0919866D "
    PartNumber3="5E0919866 "
    PartNumber4="5F0919866C "
    PartNumber="8V0919866A "
    SystemName=" ECE 2013 "

    So its the same card as a Golf ! - The data file just tells the system its an Audi

    So I'm wondering can the map data be overwritten with a later file leaving the rest of the card as is

    This card was transferred from my previous MIB unit into my new one and recoded by DJAlix and we were both surprised that the nav worked, I also know that the card worked in a previous component protected unit which would indicate the card is tied to the vin or can gateway not the unit itself

    Does anyone have any ideas, as its an SD card system there must be cheap way to update the map ?

    Any suggestions welcome, if anyone has an old card they dont want I could start comparing files

    Any suggestions welcome !

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