sd memory card for rns unit s3 2007


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im picking up my dec 2007 s3 next week and wanted to order a couple of memory cards before hand.
what type of card do i need and is my uit a mk2? seen the posts on here, but now im confused weather to get sd hc or not and also what the max size i should go for. any help would be appreciated


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2007 has a MkI, so it can only take standard SD card (not SDHC), thus its max memory is 4GB (more likely 2GB available).


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Yep - I got 2x2Gb SD cards and use MediaMonkey to sync my music and playlists to them - works a treat


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Yup the 4gb card I found is a bit pointless because even if you find one in SD there is also a file/folder limit for the RNS so you can't fill it anyway