SD / CD multimedia unit removal


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I have a2012 model A6, with sat nav, with single CD unit and 2xSD card reader.
One of my children has managed to get something stuck in the CD. Does anyone know how to get the Sd card / CD unit out of the dash? Assume maybe air vents above it need removing to push it out,as unit has no holes or slots to put anything to pull it out.
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Its actually really simple to remove.

The aircon controls below the MMI unit simply pulls straight out. You can then disconnect one of the cables to move the unit to the side (there is a red clip on the back of the plug, pull that up then pull out the plug)

Under the MMI unit there is a single 8mm bolt, undo this and the MMI unit simply slides straight out. There are lots of cables, and it can be a pain to get the unit back in.

No need to remove the air vents :)