Scrappies/Breakers... Consensus?


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I am intersted in what the consensus is about using scrappies/breakers to source your spares. Obviously there are limits to what you can and cannot obtain, but for what you can obtain, there are substantial savings to be made over purchasing new from a dealer. I appreciate said item will not be new, and you don't know the history of it, but you as the owner would only be the one to know!
As you can see from my previous post, I obtained an armrest from a scrappie/breaker. He mentioned the fact that he has a couple of A3s in at the moment. Would other forum members appreciate this knowledge, and want contact details? I am certainly not about to plaster his contact details over the forum, and I'm not taking any commission, but if other members did want contact details, I'm sure a PM would suffice!
For me there's no problem whatsoever sourcing parts from scrap yards or, more likely for the 8P, breakers. It's a cost-effective way of recycling car parts, but there are some things I wouldn't buy - anything safety-related, like airbags, brake pads/discs, steering components, dampers and so on.