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Hi all,

Thought since I'm spending more and more time on here I'd start a little photo thread of my photos, for anyone that's interested. Been taking photos for a couple of years now and started my own Facebook page at the end of 2014 - Click Here ( .

Shot a few Audi's so far, here's a selection of everything below:

Audi R8 #1 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Audi RS4 #4 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

And a few other makes:

BMW Z3MC #4 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Jiri's NA Turbo #3 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Nissan Skyline GTR M-Spec #2 by Scott Reid, on Flickr

Been really enjoying my photography and hoepfully I'll be a tad more active with it in 2016.

If anyone was interested in the Aberdeen area I'd be keen for a shoot, brush off some of the cobwebs!

Cheers for looking,


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