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I want your faulty electronics
Nov 24, 2010
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So here's the thread for my 06 3.0TDI A8 in Akoya Silver.

Bought privately from a bloke in wales with full Audi Service history minus the one that he did last month.
I'm going to pop to Audi in the coming weeks and check for any recalls, updates and see how much they want for servicing as I'd like to carry on the history is possible.

The paper work was a little bit thin with the car apart from the MOTs and plate transfers.

01/2013 - Paint correction done on the rear wings both sides, roof repaired near the windscreen and a new windscreen fitted under warrant.
08/13 - Drivers outer trim halfway up replaced.
08/13 - New number plates and holders.
12/13 - New body molding and Diag of fault hand break. New calliper and electrical setup required.
02/14 - New calliper and break pads all rounds.

Current list of things to repair:
1, Rear passenger for well heater.
2, Passenger rear door speaker cover is cracked.
3, near side rear blind trim won't stay down.
4, the auto rear boot needs a helping hand for the first inch then it takes over.
5, errors coming up about the door handles not working for locking/unlocking.

Two pics of the car at the moment.
I'll get better once its been cleaned.

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Very nice mate :)

Looks good!!!

Congrats on the new purchase.
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Very nice indeed, in the end its a good thing that black A6 was sold as look what you've ended up with! :)
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The more I look, the more I play the more I find little niggles.

Adding on to the current list I have the follow.

Exterior door handle illumination drivers side, only one out of two is working.
Interior rear passenger side door light strip not working.
Side like LED on headlight switch flickering.
Drivers soft close door not functioning.

Not to bad at the moment but I wish I had time to strip a door down and fix the issues.
The drivers door handle will need replacing to fix the switch and LED problem, just need to find one in the correct colour.

Not sure about the rear door light strip. I'm struggling to find out its proper name.
Some option codes for you reading pleasure...............if you're into that.

PRCode: 0JZ = Without determination of weight categoryfor front axle
PRCode: 0YZ = Without determination of weight categoryfor rear axle
PRCode: 1KE = Disc brakes rear
PRCode: 1LG = Disc brakes front
PRCode: 1XX = Leather trimmed multi-function sports steering wheel w/ Tiptronic
PRCode: 2K1 = Reinforced bumpers
PRCode: 3FE = Electric slide/tilt sunroof with sun screen/sunblind
PRCode: 3PN = Electric seat adjustment for both front seats with memory system
PRCode: 3Y8 = electrically operated roll-up sun screenfor rear window and for rear side windows
PRCode: 4GP = Windshield in heat-insulating glass withsunshield and viewing window for vehicleidentification number
PRCode: 4K7 = Central locking system Keyless Entry two-stage unlocking
PRCode: 4UF = Driver's and front passenger air bag with front passenger air bag deactivation
PRCode: 5D1 = Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
PRCode: 5SJ = Left exterior mirror: convex
PRCode: 5TZ = Decorative inserts gray birch vein
PRCode: 5Z0 = Without separate power seats rear
PRCode: 6TS = Right exterior mirror: aspherical large viewing field
PRCode: 6XL = Exterior mirrors: with memory function automatically dimming electrically foldable/adjustable/heated
PRCode: 7GN = Emission standard EU4 DPF preparation
PRCode: 7K0 = Without tire pressure warning light
PRCode: 7Q2 = Navigation system with color screen
PRCode: 7X4 = Park distance control front and rear
PRCode: 8EC = Bi-functional headlight with gas discharge lamp for driving on the left
PRCode: 8Q6 = Headlight-range adjustment automatic/ dynamic with fixed and dynamic bending light(AFS 2)
PRCode: 8Z5 = Not hot country
PRCode: CV9 = Alloy wheels 9J x 19
PRCode: D1D = 6-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 3.0 L/171 kW 24VV6 TDI common rail base engine is T41
PRCode: E0A = No special edition
PRCode: F0A = No special purpose vehicle standard equipment
PRCode: J0Z = Battery 520 A (110 Ah)
PRCode: Q2J = Comfort front seats
PRCode: T41 = 6-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 L unit 059.D
PRCode: U1B = Instrument insert with mph speedometer clock tachometer and trip odometer
PRCode: VW8 = Side and rear windows burglar-restrained
PRCode: X2B = National sales program Great Britain
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I am.

Glad to see you have front discs.
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And rear discs too, those are the PR codes he'll have to use when he's replacing discs or pads :)
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Don't forget I got head lights as well.
Beats the old candles.

Since some people have moaned at me for not having enough pictures.
I went out tonight, gave the car a quick clean and took some basic pics.

I forgot my tripod so most of the pics was blurry and out of focus.
Next time I'll be better prepared.

This is the only picture of the interior that came out semi good.
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So you have your repair list what is on the mods list?
I did a writeup over on about the reversing camera retrofit (lost the picture when I pi$$ around with my photobucket account), only two issues were getting the new grip molding painted and replacing the control head with a FBAS version, and once replaced it will go into component protection and only the dealer can remove that.

However if you what to add FBAS to your current control head then there is a way but I have never done it. Add FBAS To MMI Head Unit 4E0 035 729 | AudiAudi
3G stuff is just a more current version of what you have, but It's just the cost , your looking around £1K for all the MMI parts and wiring harness, you will also need to change climate controls and can-gateway.

Is it worth it, well it's not going to add value to the car, and it's will be a paint to install.... (So not really) But if your bored and fancy a challenge why the hell not!
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That looks nice.I love it when my car is clean.
As for mods i was going to do the same regarding FBAS module to get Tv in the front but I never had the money at the time as i was ripping out the bose and putting other stuff in. It would have been the right time though as i totally ripped out the interior near enough apart from the dash.
Not really done anything with the 8 recently apart from the odd drive, fill up with fuel and clean.

I need to remove my old A4 and the old 206, then I can get the 8 booked in to Audi for some work and a local gearbox specialist for a gear service.

But I did lower it a bit via VCDS.

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Yea I got some pics I'll see if i can upload them not much to see tohough when it is finished as it is all quite stealth.
How much have you lowered it by? And is that in dynamic at the moment in that pic?
I have to find a nice flat quiet place to do mine.
Not done much to the 8 apart from drive it really.

I have bought some little bits for the boot area.

A proper tow bar storage.

Storage box/bag to keep some needed bits in the boot. Since I can't build a false floor like the A4, this is the next best thing I think.

Also got an umbrella holder. just need an umbrella now.

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Be interesting to se how you get on with these, I'm fitted something similar and I'm getting bulb errors on the door electrics
B5NUT, all fitted and no errors at the moment but I'll see what happens when I go out at night to make sure they all work correctly.

Chez, what? We live in the UK, an umbrella is needed.
An umbrella?
Really? You really need that in your boot because its needed?
Hmmm, i worry about you sometimes scotty dog!
Get a goretex jacket ***
Thought it was time to replace the orange bulbs to something a bit more white and brighter.
Phoned my LED man up and got him to send him down a complete set of LEDs for the 8.

Next day 28 LEDs turned up at work.

That lot replaced every bulb in the interior, boot and number plate light.

Not wanting to fanny around in the car with the bulbs, I removed every light unit and took it into the house.

I could not get over how many plugs there was on the front lighting unit.

All lights ready for new LEDs.

First I removed the main lights from the front and rear lights, removed the tops and gave them a good clean.

With them all clean and put back together, I started on the rear reading lights. They needed a strip and a clean.

I replaced the footwell lights cause the single LED they had was pathetic really when you compared them to the new 4 LED units.

With all the LEDs in and lights refitted in the car I waited for night time and to make sure they worked correctly when fading and that the door lighting was still working.

Front door.

Rear lights. You can see the footwell having a little bit more illumination than before.

Front. Same with the footwells again.

Rear door.

Boot lid. Real shame they never fitted two like they did in the boot.

The boot. Not the best cause my boot storage is in the way and not sure where the blue is coming from, I think its the lenses but I will double check.

I never got round to doing the license plate lights cause I broke the screws holding the lenses in and then broke the lenses. I got new ones on order from Audi.

The lights still dim, no flicker, no errors on the dash and the ambient lighting bits still work.

My mate said he's happy to offer a discount to the forum if enough people are interested.
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The interior is looking a little sorry for itself at the moment.

All trims have been removed and dropped off at the painters ready.

With the trims out I found this left over earth cable. The wondering of what they had is getting to much. I'm tempted to take the lower trims out and have a nose.
So what colour are you going for? Bet that was for a speed camera detector, but If thats how they removed the earth wire I would check to find the positive wire they hacked into.
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I've lost of what colours I've agreed to.
We mentioned a few and I agreed to some.
Its like a surprise.

I remove the lower trim bits later and see what I can see.
Will be interesting to see the results, when will they be ready?

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