Scotland Retrofit Install & Meet - December 2011


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Hi all,

I've noticed that a few people have been interested in a Cruise Control group install in Scotland. I did a group install and meet earlier in the year which was very successful and I met a really good bunch of people so I'd be more than happy to do another one.

Also since I also retrofit a lot more than Cruise Control I thought I'd leave the day open to other retrofits, if anyone wanted anything else doing.

Being a group install I'll knock off £10 each install from my prices that can be found on my website below. This will take Cruise Control for an Audi A3 8P to £165.

You can view all of my products here: JMB Retrofit Retrofit Services

The main reason for the group install is to split my fuel costs, which would be around £120, depending where in Scotland we plan to do the install. If there were 5 participants for the install then the fuel charge would be £25 on top of the job.

Dates: I'm looking to do the install date early December, Sunday the 4th/11th.

If anyone is interested, can you list your interest in the following format below:
Retrofit Required / Preferred Date (4th or 11th) / Preferred Location in Scotland

As soon as we have the final list I'll work out the best location for the install, this may mean a bit of travelling for some people but it'll be the fairest location for the install.

If you need any questions answering about retrofits or if you're not sure about your vehicle being suitable, send me a PM or a message below and I'll do my best to assist.


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I'm offshore :-(


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Cruise control 2009 S3 but preface lift : 4th or 11th December both fine : Glasgow area preferred.



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Bigyin and wazz were interested too in the other post. Hopefully they will see this one :)


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Bump. hoping a few more get interested


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Hi Jonny.

Requirements as above but now looking for 11th Dec only as a preffered date.




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Due to the lack of interest the Scotland Retrofit Day will not be going ahead, my apologies for anyone that had put their name down. If there is any opportunity in the near future I'll be sure to let you all know. Thanks