Scorpion Exhausts


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Feb 10, 2006
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Was thinking of buying just the rear box for my 1.8t. Is it possible at a later date if i wanted/needed to that I can buy the other section (cat and middle section) seperatly?
this is normally the case but it depends on the manufacturer of the pipe, I bought a Blitz for my old Supra which was cat-back, then decided to buy a decat pipe which I fitted afterwards, I fitted the first part straight away, i just couldn't wait!
Same here wanna start generating some more ponies!!
I unlocked nearly 45 BHP when I did a decat on my supra...!
LOL **** the bed!!!

I have a de-cat ready to go on the A4 so might see 0.45 bhp of that LOL
Yeah man pass it about. there is a video of my old car in the e30 M3 cool wall post.
Had one berfore on a BMW i had really like them quality is great. Will be running the standard centre box so shouldnt be too loud.
Like scorpion exhaust you don't happen to have a link to a place that stocks 1.8T ones. Looking at different exhausts for mines also at the mo. Wanna see if they do the manifold too.

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