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Scorpion D/P dramas

S38pkyle-ing Aug 14, 2017

  1. S38pkyle-ing

    S38pkyle-ing Active Member

    Hi I'm new to the detailing and tuning scene.

    I've a stock 2011 s3 (8p).

    Was about to order a scorpion 3" downpipe with sports cat; well that was until I saw a message saying

    "Fitment Notes
    Stage 2 remap will be needed. Check Engine Light will probably show and limp mode may activate"

    Can anyone shed some light on this before I order it? Do I really need stage 2 first and Is it worth fitting this to my s3?

    Much appreciated thanks guys. :rockwoot:

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  3. smurfworth

    smurfworth Well-Known Member Audi S3

    The only reason they say you'll need a stage 2 map is because the stage 2 software includes the code to turn off the check engine light on the dash that you'll possibly get with a sports cat/decat.

    You can get an angled lambda spacer which will possibly stop the light from coming on, it did in my case anyway.

    However, no need to worry about the car going into limp mode as it won't happen. The worst that will happen is you'll get a check engine light on the dash.
  4. S38pkyle-ing

    S38pkyle-ing Active Member


    Cheers for that mate, much appreciated. Now begs the question wether to go for the scorpion dp
    Or the cobra sport one.
  5. HansfishS3

    HansfishS3 Active Member

    Just to add I have a Milltek DP + Sports Cat not mapped in yet and got no engine light etc, just more power!
  6. Sam Axon

    Sam Axon Member TFSI Owners Group Team Phantom Audi S3 quattro Manual

    Scorpion system all day long. Only other id go for is BCS.
    Milteks do not flow well on a 2.0 TSFI. Had a friend gain 25bhp on RR by changing a milltek system to scorpion.
  7. prt57

    prt57 Well-Known Member

    I would suggest the BCS downpipe. We had one fitted to our TTS and we had no lights on the dash while the car was driven approx 600 miles before it did go for a stage 2+ Tune eventually. The BCS 200 cell sports cat is big and is said to flow better than a decat. I certainly felt the difference on the way home after having it fitted.
    Although I am keen to support British business, I have heard there are quality issues with the Cobra.
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  8. S38pkyle-ing

    S38pkyle-ing Active Member

    Cheers mate I'll look into it, cobra was just a last resort I was aiming for the scoprion but now I've heard nothing but good things about the BCS DP I guess I'll have a look at there prices too

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