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Morning everyone
My first post on here. I was hoping for some advice on scan tools

I'm going to replace my abs pump due to a goosed pressure switch. (Cheaper to change the whole pump)
I've got a cheap bluetooth scan tool but I'm looking for an upgrade that will scan and activate the abs pump to bleed it.
Incidentally does anyone have a link to decent DIY for bleeding the abs system after replacement?

Thanks in advance.

Great forum btw

I've an A4 DTM 55 plate


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I bought the OBDeleven.
Cost around £70 with the pro app.
Seems good, used it to program CC.
My sons mate bought VCDS, I don't think it was all that much more.


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Do you know if you can cycle the abs pump with these?

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Finally got my midlife crisis car
Never done it.
VCDS you must be able to.
OBDeleven, there is a discussion thread about ABS bleeding on the OBDeleven forum. Sounds like you can.


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+1 for OBDEleven. You can do everything you can do in VCDS for a fraction of the price.

You need Android though. It doesn’t work with iOS.


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I reccomend icarscan from launch and get the pro software which has all special functions and adaptations for all makes.

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