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satnav system plus RNS-e & bluetooth?

kevin elliott Nov 8, 2020

  1. kevin elliott

    kevin elliott New Member

    Ive got the built in satnav but trying to get phone connected on bluetooth.

    If I go into tel then hit setup it doesnt show me any phone settings. Just wondering if these units always have bluethooth or its a separate module I need to get? In my old A5 le mans it wouldnt connect until I updated the whole MMI then it sprang to life. Maybe I need to buy a software update?

    its on SW 0360

    dealer codes:
    PRCode: 1BE = Sports suspension/shock absorption
    PRCode: 1KW = Disc brakes rear
    PRCode: 1LA = Disc brakes front
    PRCode: 1N3 = Speed-related variable steering assist (Servotronic)
    PRCode: 1SA = Without additional engine guard
    PRCode: 2K7 = Reinforced bumpers
    PRCode: 2PU = Leather trimmed multi-function sports steering wheel
    PRCode: 3FA = Without roof insert (standard roof)
    PRCode: 3L3 = Manual height adjustment for front seats
    PRCode: 3NZ = Rear seat bench unsplit backrest split folding
    PRCode: 4K2 = Radio remote controlled central locking SZV
    PRCode: 4KC = Side and rear windows in heat-insulating glass
    PRCode: 4R4 = Power windows with comfort operation and circuit breaker
    PRCode: 4UE = Air bag for driver and front seat passenger
    PRCode: 4X3 = Side air bag front with curtain air bag
    PRCode: 5D1 = Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
    PRCode: 5SJ = Left exterior mirror: convex
    PRCode: 5TE = Decorative aluminum inserts
    PRCode: 6TS = Right exterior mirror: aspherical large viewing field
    PRCode: 6XD = Exterior mirrors: electrically adjustable/heated
    PRCode: 7A2 = CD changer
    PRCode: 7GN = Emission standard EU4 DPF preparation
    PRCode: 7Q2 = Navigation system with color screen
    PRCode: 8BF = Halogen headlight for driving on the left
    PRCode: 8GR = Alternator 150 A
    PRCode: 8Q1 = Headlight-range adjustment
    PRCode: 8Z5 = Not hot country
    PRCode: 9Q4 = Multi-function display/on-board computer with check control
    PRCode: CH9 = Alloy wheels 8J x 18
    PRCode: D1Q = 6-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 3.0 l/150 kW 24VV6 TDI common rail Base engine is T41/TF1
    PRCode: E4J = S-line
    PRCode: Q1D = Sports front seats
    PRCode: T41 = 6-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 L unit 059.D
    PRCode: U1B = Instrument insert with mph speedometer clock tachometer and trip odometer
    PRCode: X2B = National sales program Great Britain

    thx for any guidance
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  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    BT is a separate module hence why it's not got anything in the menus, also if it's a UK rns with sw0360 it needs an update to latest which is 0650 if it's a MK1 version.

    Pics of RNs would help.

    If you wanted oem by for phone & want it supplier & fitted for you, ping me a WhatsApp.
  4. kevin elliott

    kevin elliott New Member

    Mine has the earlier s/w so thx for the tip for upgrading. I'm happy to fit it but appreciate the info on my old A6 57 plate it didn't show any bt stuff until I updated it all and then it connected to my phone. The handbook has some phone stuff scribbled on it so I assumed it had bt. Mind you the car had factory mfsw but not now so maybe there was an airbag issue or something which meant it had the wheel swapped over...
  5. kevin elliott

    kevin elliott New Member

    OK updated the ENS-e and still no bluetooth so need to grab one of those now, either orig module or an aftermarket one...
  6. rafspeik

    rafspeik New Member

    Let me know what you find mate, I'm in the same boat.
  7. Chrismawa

    Chrismawa Registered User

    I'm looking to do the same. Just returned a Connects2 adapter as it was rubbish - having to accept call on phone and then manually changing the source on the headunit which takes 3 button clicks while driving. Looks like OEM retrofit is the best solution.
  8. I'm Just Rob.

    I'm Just Rob. Moderating or something, Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    Go aftermarket HUand just use voice dial, easy as that.
    My head unit discovers my iPhone within by the time I've got the car in gear, then I just use voice command to dial and one button to answer.

    so easy and effective.
  9. rafspeik

    rafspeik New Member

    The functionality is undoubtedly much better on an aftermarket unit, but I would love to keep the OEM look. I think the RNS-E looks so cool.
  10. kevin elliott

    kevin elliott New Member


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