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Apologies in advance, I know this has probably been done to death but...if I buy an SD card from a mate which has an activation code with it do I still need Audi to activate it? I've got a 1.6sportback with the MMI and Nav ready pack, box in glove compartment. If I do have to go to Audi, does it have to be Audi or can somebody else with the right gadget?


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You could try but everyone says its blocked and you'll need to go to Audi be interesting you if anyone can prove otherwise!


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ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic System)
Audi Navigation = SWaP (Software as Product)

Officially Audi needs to activate and licence the software via the online network by plugging the car in and then registering x2 product codes on the system and then x4 licence codes to the car. The SD Card's ID is then paired with the car so it can be used. It may be possible for someone to activate this via a 3rd party "offline" system but if the car is returned to Audi for any works SVM (Software Version Management) will kick in and deactivate it.

Most Audi dealers don't seem to want to get involved in activating SD Cards that were not sourced by them. Some will activate for a fee but only if the Card in question has never been activated / used previously as the licence is non-transferable.

I would phone around some Audi dealerships before buying in order to make sure you don't waste your money.


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If you go ahead, let us know details here. There's been lots of talk about this but no definitive answer.