Sat Nav Update only from Audi Dealer(?)


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I have a 2019 A5 S-line with the normal dash, 2 SD slots in the glove box. The maps are the original ones that came with the car so none of the 5 potential downloads have been used.

I went onto the MyAudi website as I had been told that this was where I could download the latest maps for my car.

I logged on, selected the "Functions" tab but all that was there was the option to plan a journey to be sent to the car, not the download maps option that I had seen on various websites and Youtube etc so I contacted the Audi Digital Services team.

They have told me that I need to contact my local Audi garage as for some reason I don't have the function to download maps on my car ( I have an active Connect subscription ). I find this incredibly hard to believe. As the owner of Two Skodas and a VW Scirocco, I was able to go onto the website, enter my VIN and I would be able to download any maps I needed onto an SD card.

Does anyone know of an alternative way to download the maps I need?


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I've since got to the bottom of this:

The PR code for the nav on my car is 7UF and only those with code 7UG have the facility to download the maps. This is according to Audi Digital. If I have this right then it affects most A1, A3, A4, A5, Q2 & Q3 models

I've since emailed Audi UK but haven't heard anything back yet and my local garage seem to be ignoring me