Sat Nav Plus SD cards?


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Jan 15, 2006
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Kent UK
Hi all

Will be taking delivery of a A4 Avant SE in March, I have ordered the optional DVD based Sat Nav Plus system.

I want to buy an SD card for MP3 playback, is there any limit on card size that the system will handle?

Thanks in advance.
No, you can use a 4 gig card no problem but I think the system is limited to 500 odd files.
Make sure you use a good reliable SD card. Don't just go for the cheapest!!!

I got mine from Jessops, the camera people however I think they only do up to 1GB in there own make.

The price was ok but I know if it goes wrong I can just take it back as it's got a 5 year warrantee.

I agree;
I have 1 Gig sd's for mine (corsair I think!).
They work most of the time but they have locked up the unit a couple of time in MP3 mode..
Still, they were only £30 off ebay ages ago!
I was hoping to get a 4gb card but I am concerned about the 500 odd file limit!
The MP3 albums I have means I would only use about 2gb to 2.5gb of storage when I reach the 500 file limit!
Does anyone else have any experiences of reaching this limit?
I have 512 Mb cards and occasionally they dont copy music across well. A re format on the PC gets them going again. Seems to clean them up. May be complicated as I use the cards across both a Mac/PC with iTunes.
I use both a PC and Mac. If copied over from the Mac the MP3's don't work on my unit. I therefore use the PC. I always reformat (quick format the cards after I'm tired of the music. I can vouch that 500Mb, 1Gb and 2Gb all work okay. Maybe not worth going more than that and in any case I have not noticed much saving by bigging bigger capacity cards whereas if a card fails then you have lost more. Quality cards are good but anything better than cheapos are okay - in my oponion that is! Shame the dash display can't show more of the title/track etc.
Most important thing to remember is that the RNS-e does not support HCSD cards. You must use standard SD cards.

My experience is that the RNS-e can be a little fussy and prefers the high speed cards. I use Sandisk Ultra II cards and these have performed flawlessly. I did try some of the cheap Kingston SD cards but only 1 of the 3 cards I tried actually worked.

Unless you have some very long mixes then you will reach the 500 items limit long before you get to 4GB so if you are purely looking at putting music on them then you may be better with 2GB.

And it's 500 items, not 500 songs. items include folders, sub-folders, playlists and actual mp3's.

I use a 4GB for a variety of Podcasts that I subscribe to and can reach the 4GB limit before I have 500 items on the card. I think the most space used on a card with 500 items of mp3's was 2.6GB.

I use both Mac OS X and Windows Vista and have never had any problems with either format. I prefer to use my MacBook Pro for iTunes and use a little application called Thrupp to transfer all the files to a card by simply dragging from iTunes into Thrupp. It handles all the Playlist/folder issues automatically. Superb piece of software for anyone with a RNS-e and a Mac.
I have 2 x Kingston 2GB cards loaded in the RNS-E and they both work fine,and have plenty of music loaded onto them.
I found that a 4gb SD card will not wor k in my Brand new A4. The display keeps saying loading card, after about 15 mins I gave up. It works fine with the two 512mb cards I have.:hubbahubba:
I found that a 4gb SD card will not wor k in my Brand new A4. The display keeps saying loading card, after about 15 mins I gave up. It works fine with the two 512mb cards I have.:hubbahubba:

Have you tried formatting the 4gb card in 'FAT' and also ensure the card is SD format and not SDHC format as these will not work in the RNS-E..
You were right. I was using a SD HC card. I have since used a couple of 1GB standard SD cards and they work fine. Thanks:hubbahubba:
I use 4GB SD cards with 320kb/s MP3 files and have done for nearly 2 years - work great.

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