Sat Nav DIS coding (Glasgow Audi)


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Nice to see Glasgow Audi looking after their customers with a nice friendly hourly rate!

Had the car in yesterday for a MOT retest and wondered if theyd code the DIS for the my Sat Nav when it was in there, guy at desk didnt really know what I was on about, but came back in a few minutes later after talking to mechanic saying theyd need an hour to do the adaption code etc, etc, blah, blah, blah; and the charge would be £96 for the hour rate!!!

Needless to say I just left it!!

Thot theyd have the VAG-Com hooked up last week when it was in for a service and wouldve changed it then when it flung up the error code? Probably to much to ask as they didnt even reset the service indicator to when the next service was!!


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It won't show an error code for the DIS coding, and also they don't use VAG COM, they use VAS and it's a guided diagnostic system. Actually they can enter values directly into adaptation channels, but very few of them know how to.


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Ah I see, thot it wouldve showed up and it was just a quick job to sort it out! Oh well Ive lived without the DIS directions for over a year now since fitting the RNS-E unit, so not that bothered if its not there and will get round to getting someone to do it at some point!

Cheers Craig.